Our decision: The certified Diode Laser from Asclepion
In the search for the best for our customers, we at White Velvet have done extensive research on the various manufacturers and device types and their properties. The result of the research is the MedioStarNext Pro from Asclepion, manufactured in Germany. We are certified and trained to work with the laser.

This is how the laser guarantees the best result
You can only get permanently smooth skin without hairs and stubble through treatments with the Diode Laser.
The high-power laser generates one of the most effective wavelength combinations and bundles the light so that it penetrates several millimeters into the skin and obliterates the hair roots. The heat generated by the light is largely absorbed with a special skin cooling system so that the treatment is pleasant. The technology thus also allows all skin types (I-VI) to be treated and that across all seasons with gentle and almost painless treatment at the same time.

Number of treatments required
The number of treatments required varies from person to person, but as a rule the hair does not grow back after 8 to 10 treatments. There is an interval of 6 to 8 weeks between the treatments, and you can already see a clear result after the first treatment.

White Velvet for your FaceFor HerFor Him
Eyebrows new form--
Eyebrows shaping--
Upper lip3535
White Velvet for your BodyFor HerFor Him
Neck front6969
Neck back6969
Forearms including hands8989
Upper arms8989
Breast/Chest 79129
Back up79129
Back down79129
Lower leg169169
Legs 3/4199199
Arms including hands169169
Breast/Chest & Belly109199
Whole Back109199
Whole Legs259259
White Velvet for your Genital areaFor HerFor Him
Bikini Classic79-
Bikini Tanga109-
Brazilian including Buttock fold159159
Brazilian including Buttocks189189
Buttock fold3939
Most Wanted - PackagesFor HerFor Him
(Cheeks + Upper lip + Chin + Nose + Neck)
"Must Have"
(Genital area + Armpits)
"Ready for little black Dress"
(Genital area + Armpits + Lower legs)
"Ready for the Beach"
(Genital area + Armpits + Legs)
"Your Velvet Body"
(Your whole Body)
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