I remember very well the days when I came up with the name of my studio. It was supposed to describe me and my dream as accurately as possible. “White” symbolizes purity, “Velvеt” the touch, softness, smoothness and wonderful feeling.

As a teenager, I suffered from skin problems and excessive hair. This is a girl’s worst nightmare. Especially when my friends went to the beach and I had to turn down their invitations because I was ashamed of my hairy body, those were the situations I couldn’t cope with. Later on, the beauticians I went to became another reason for my complexes. I was not the perfect client for them as my treatments involved a lot of difficult work.

At this specific moment, I promised myself that one day I would have my own cosmetic studio where professionalism and high quality work would be done. A studio where I will offer the best products to deliver the best results.

My dream has come true, because today I am a happy woman who has her own little studio. With small demands, but big dreams for the future.

For me, the studio is “my little baby” with the clear idea that this baby will grow up like all babies. My sister Ati, who is a passionate specialist in manicures and pedicures, has now joined my studio. Now we both receive our customers together and work to make them happy with every treatment.

We thank everyone who chose us, because without you we wouldn’t be who we are. You are our incentive to develop ourselves further and to offer the best. It is important to us that you receive first-class advice and that you are very satisfied with our treatments.

Many of our customers have now become our friends, because our goal is satisfied customers who have made their conscious decision on the basis of professional advice.
White Velvet is our baby and grows a little bit more every day. It is the little dream that we created to send you home with a smile until you visit us again.

Your Nelly and Ati